Huawei Tripod Selfie Stick Wireless Remote


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Unleash Your Creativity

Serve as a tripod, and help you shot creative photos, such as star-trails, light-painting, & time-lapse.

Convenient Group Photos

Take group photos conveniently without missing any family or friends when gathering.

Free Your Hands

Take group selfies without worrying about holding the stick tightly in your hand.
Stable Remote Control Fast & stable Bluetooth 3.0 wireless remote connection & control within 10 m range.


Long Lasting Battery

Premium CR2025 lithium coin battery that can be used to take > 30000 photos.

360° Free Rotation

Adjustable 4-point smartphone clamp that can rotate freely in 360°.


6-Stage Extendable Stick

Anodised aluminum alloy body for stable & strong support.


Non-Slip Feet

Universal non-slip feet with anti-slipping rubber pad that can fit different ground.
Light & Compact Design163 g in weight, 186 mm in length, light & compact body for easy portability.