Company Profile

Nick’s Computer Sales & Service (NCSS) offers a variety of brands of cell phones, laptops, tablets and related accessories. NCSS also offers services such as computer/ laptop/ mobile repair upgrade, and accessories, and mobile & computer applications. Maintenance and upgrade services are also offered.

Our vision is to be known for our top-notch brand cell phones, laptops, tablets, accessories, as well as remote IT support and consultancy. We offer efficient, quick delivery, personalized services and warranties. Our sales financing partnership agreement with Unicomer (Trinidad) Limited. Due to this, customers can purchase our products through our sales- financing agreements with Unicomer. In addition to quick same day delivery, after sales technical support and five-star customer reviews have made us one of the best!

NCSS mainly functions as an E-commerce business in Trinidad & Tobago through our website –, as well as through popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Online purchasing is made possible through our website. Point of Sale purchases are both on-line and mobile.

Our market reaches a national audience, including Tobago, comprising of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. Buyers can make more direct purchases online and via their smartphone at the click of a button. We open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (selected delivery times). Customers also have the option of various payment methods weather it be through cash payments, WiPay, EndCash, cheque, credit card or Point of Sale (POS) Machine.